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Polemarch's Message

First & foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the New York Alumni Foundation, Inc. in any manner or amount since its inception in 1988.   It is through your generosity that we can continue to serve our communities through scholarships as well as various programs and initiatives.  

As the current Polemarch and Executive Officer of New York Alumni Chapter, I applaud all those outstanding leaders of New York Alumni Foundation (NYAF) who have stood before me and contributed to the overall success.   I would be remiss not to acknowledge the vision of our Chairman Emeritus, Jonathan P. Hicks and our current Chairman LeRoy Barr, Jr., their commitment to the advancement of young aspiring college students has been unswerving.

During this economy down turn environment it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach our goals; but, with just a modest donation from you and through our interaction with Corporate America we can enhance our vision and mission.   Therefore, it is our membership and our devoted patrons that must take the responsibility for the overall growth of the Foundation.   For the 2010-2011 fraternal year NYAF mission is to provide essential initiatives and programs to enhance the Greater Harlem Community of New York City and specifically it’s disenfranchised and underserved young community.   

NYAF programs are constant with our fraternal obligation that reflects our commitment:

  • Step Korrect is an ambitious program to teach young students the essential skills of Teamwork, discipline and unity through the use of traditional Black Greek Letter Organization stepping. 
  • The (KAAIDS) Initiative is a three year program with the objective of making the Harlem community aware of the vital statistics and infection rate of African-Americans.  This program is designed under the motto: “Become Educated, Get Tested, and Stay Protected.” 
  • The Community First Initiative is a unique social awareness program focused on the education and the health of the educational environment of Harlem’s student population. This program will be designed to create a supportive parental foundation with a petition and events circled around a platform of educational issues.
  • College Tour in cooperation with the Black Caucus of the New York State UFT, the NYAF will provide through application 10 high school sophomores the opportunity to attend a college tour of a New York State public school.
  • The Leadership Institute will be a multi-week program opened to 3 & 4th graders as well as Sophomore & Juniors.  This will be an educational based program designed to meet the unique needs of these two student groups.
  • The Leaders & Scholars Luncheon is the continuation of the original purpose of the NYAF to provide scholarship funds for aspiring, underserved minority students for college. 
  • The J.P. Hicks Family Mass Communication Scholarship: The Kappa Alpha Psi New York Foundation has an important international dimension, making an impact not just in New York but also on the African continent. The Foundation administers the J.P. Hicks Family Mass Communication Scholarship, which was established in 2010 to provide support for students at the University of Liberia who are interested in mass communication, either in print, broadcast or online publication.

It is in that spirit that we begin a new era as the New York Alumni Foundation, Inc. with our focus on the further development of our programs and commitment to giving “a hand-up and not a hand-out” to deserving students within underserved communities.   To that end, I solicit the support of each and everyone, to pledge a donation for the above programs and further outlined in the next few pages.   In advance I thank you for your generosity, compassion and grace! 

Best Regards,

Jose Zenon

Polemarch & Executive Officer,
New York Alumni Foundation

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