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NY Alumni Chapter was Established in 1937
The Chapter's First Polemarch was Irvin S. Hammer; followed by the brothers listed below:

Alturo Rhymes   Dr. Albert G. Oliver
Abdur-Rahim Ali   Oliver W. Parson
B. Adolphe Barber   Dr. John H. Perry
LeRoy Barr Jr.   Reginald Pincham
Theodore I. Donaldson   Nathaniel D. Scott
Marion Griffin   Mark C. Skeet
Irvin S. Hammer   Israel Sylvan, Esq.
Vincent R. Hammond   James Stafford
Dr. Eugene W. Houston   Dr. Elbert W. Strothers
Frank Johnson   Samuel L. Walker
O. Marion Jones, Esq.   Bryant Williams
R. Duke Marshall, 3rd   William H. Williams
Fernley A. Murray   Hon. Livingston L. Wingate, Esq.
Jon Poole   Conrad Carty
    Jose Zenon*

* Current Polemarch

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